1. How can I make my Feedback effective?stop_blogging
  2. Time to talk to students about their memory
  3. Using iPads to give instant feedback
  4. In defense of Blackadder
  5. Questioning
  6. Please sir, can we do more tests?
  7. Spaced out
  8. Interleaving & Variation
  9. Elaboration & Generation
  10. Why asking ‘why’ is so important?
  11. Learning to ski & working memory
  12. ‘If you could give a new teacher one bit of advice…’
  13. The rigor of chronology: why knowing dates leads to higher order thinking
  14. The principles of effective feedback
  15. FRaDing: a case for not marking regularly
  16. Designing a Year 7 curriculum with memory and not levels in mind
  17. The value of Knowledge Organizers for GCSE History 

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